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Covered, Reusable packaging product

A 100% human-driven alternative that addresses the common struggle we all endure, perspiration.


Universal deodorant and antiperspirant solution for both male and female users that is more conscious and environmentally friendly than anything that exists on the market today.

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We developed the following core principles to guide our development. Use design to improve the lives of consumers everywhere. Deliver solutions responsibly in a mutually beneficial way for everyone involved and for the planet. Focus on opportunities spaces that are ripe for system thinking and experiential design. Leverage all the tools in our studio's toolbox. And finally, to make sure everyone was engaged and passionate about developing the solution. As we researched opportunity spaces, the health and beauty category quickly came into focus as fertile ground to apply our design principles and create relevant experiences for consumers.

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Thanks for taking a look at my portfolio. I've been lucky to work with some incredible people. Find me around the internet or if you feel compelled to reach out. 

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